End vice

I’ve been using the end vice on my newish bench for a couple of months. I’m delighted with it but it could have been easier to build.

The construction was ludicrously complicated. I used massive dovetails at the front and back of the bench to hold the end cap on. I don’t think I needed to; three beefy draw bore pegs through a clamped (breadboard) end would have been sufficient and cut the construction time down.

The vice screws were a very good price but I couldn’t get them with square section nuts so there is a bit of dust trap at the end.

I’m working on some drawings; they’re getting complicated.

11 thoughts on “End vice

    • No, but I can see why you might think that! I am pushing up from underneath with one hand (that you can’t see) and stopping them with the other (that you can).
      They have bullet catches at different positions so that when they wear a groove in the side of the hole I can swap them around and they won’t run in the same track.


  1. Holy crap were building the same bench. I was gifted a 1 1/2″ wood threading kit for Christmas this year, so am planning to make a wooden screw, and tapping the end cap itself. I was thinking I’d just use a few long bolts into the top and saving myself some time.


      • The whole bench top, as well as the screw and end cap will be hard maple. I got a great deal on some 5/4 hard maple boards that had some off colors, and were only 7′ long. I’m planning to laminate the end cap and the screw rather than buying thicker stock since this maple was so cheap.


    • Yea I never have either. Actually I still haven’t even used the threading kit yet – I’ve only ever cut 3/4″ threads so far. I’m hoping it goes well – save me like $50-60 buying an 8/4 board, when I have an excess of inexpensive 5/4. I do have some riven walnut billets that are nice and dry that I could use if this doesn’t work. But I think the maple will hold up better. I’ll definitely post it when I get to that step! Need to get through the base joinery first though.


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