I’m spending 2023 setting up my teaching workshop and going to shows to promote my courses. Hopefully I will have a few courses available towards the end of the year but the workshops need a lot of work and I want them to be welcoming when guests arrive. Even though it’s early in the year we’re on schedule to have everything ready in the autumn so sign up to the newsletter to see if there are any available in 2023. In the meantime this is the schedule for 2024. They’ll be available to book in May.

16th-17th May Simple Stool

29th-30th May Simple Stool

1st-6th/7th April Side Chair/Arm Chair

19th-21st Round Stool

6th-10th April Bow Back Chair

18th-19th May Simple Stool

27th-31st May/1st June Side Chair/Arm Chair

10th-14th June Bow Back Chair

22nd-23rd June Simple Stool

1st -5th/6th July Side Chair/Arm Chair

15th-19th July Bow Back Chair

5th-9th/10th August Side Chair/Arm Chair

16th-18th August Round Stool

26th-30th/31st August Side Chair/Arm Chair

16th-20th September Bow Back Chair