Welcome to The Quiet Workshop!

We offer chairmaking and stoolmaking courses in our dedicated teaching workshop in Great Wilbraham, near Cambridge.

2024 courses will run from March until October. We’ll have four different courses each running several times.

Get started with the simple stool class which takes just two days and is often run over a weekend. The round stool class takes three days and lets you build a bar stool at the height you choose.

The side chair/arm chair class is the most popular and like all of our courses is suitable for any level of experience. Depending on whether you want armrests on your chair the course is five or six days long.

The bow back chair is the most recent addition and is an unusual design with a big piece of steam bending.

If you have any questions take a look at the FAQ. If you’d like to talk about the courses and find out which one is right for you give me a ring (07778 397328) or send me an email.